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Cessna Citation Longitude - Private Jet Charter

The Citation Longitude is Cessna's newest - and biggest - business jet.

Overview Summary

With a range of 4000nm and a cruising speed of Mach .86 at 45,000ft, the Citation Longitude is Cessna’s first super-midsize private jet, featuring Garmin’s latest G5000 flight deck avionics.

The cross-section of the fuselage on the Citation Longitude is the same as the smaller Citation Latitude; however the Longitude features a T-shaped tail, unlike the Latitude’s conventional tail design. It alo features much greater range than the Latitude, and is capable of flying from London to New York without a fuel stop.

Cessna announced the launch of the Citation Longitude in 2012 at industry convention EBACE, and FAA certification is expected in late 2018, with first deliveries to follow soon after.

At NBAA 2018, a huge order was announced for the Longitude with a maor fractional ownership provider.


  • Fast top cruise speeds
  • 8-12 passenger seats
  • Garmin G5000 flight deck
  • Long flight range

Comfort & Size

Cessna’s Citation Longitude seats 8-12 passengers. Its stand-up cabin height and 31 feet of flat-floor space provide excellent levels of comfort and space inside. The standard cabin features a double-club seat configuration and a well-designed galley with fridge, microwave and integrated coffee machine. Other layouts can seat more passengers, with a reduced galley.
The advanced cabin management system gives passengers the ability to use touch-screen control panels for lighting, temperature and communications, providing a fully interactive experience.
The Citation Longitude features digital inputs and Wi-Fi, with further options for satellite radios, external cameras and high speed internet.


Luggage Capacity640 cu.ft.
ModelCessna Citation Longitude
Speed483 kts
Interior Height1.83 m
Purchase Price$26 000 000
ClassificationLong Range Jet
Range3500 nm
Interior Width1.95 m



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